Daytime Telescope Experience

actual view as-seen through one of our solar telescopes

12 noon – 5 pm (weather-permitting)
May – October
at Jasper Skytram Lower Station

Walk-up ONLY (no advance booking)

Join experts from The Jasper Planetarium for a look at giant flames on the Sun, the planet Venus, and maybe even a view of the Moon…All in a 10-20 minute tour at the base of the mountain.

Enhance your Jasper Skytram experience at the Lower Station before or after your flight, where a knowledgeable astronomy expert will show you a variety of different views, which may include:

  • huge looping solar prominences, giant solar flames 100 times the size of Earth
  • snaking filaments dozens of Earths long on the fiery surface of the Sun
  • spicules and perhaps a rare “solar tornado” like distant fires, frozen in time
  • the cloud-tops of Venus- perhaps the most extreme planet in our Solar System
  • when its orbit makes it visible in the afternoon, views of craters and mountains on the Moon


  • venus_through_telescope

    Venus, as seen through our telescope in daytime

      *** You’ll even have the opportunity to take pictures of some of these objects with your phone! ***


Adults: $15
Youth: $10 (ages 4-15) when accompanied by a paying adult
(5% tax-included)

Due to the weather-dependent nature of our daytime tour, admission is available exclusively on a walk-up basis at the Skytram Lower Station.

You can book other (evening) Planetarium activities via the “Book Now!” link at the top of this page