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Looking for ‘edutaining’ programming for your students while in Jasper?

Our immersive, interactive planetarium experience with a live astronomy expert is Jasper’s newest activity. (Add our outdoor telescope tour and our staff will guide you around some of the wonders you saw in the dome in the skies over the Jasper Rockies.)

jasper_planetarium_constellationsWe can also offer you our planetarium experience any-time-of-day and do telescope viewing in the evening or in the daytime outside with our specially-filtered solar telescopes.

Not traveling to Jasper but interested in our experience?

We can bring our mobile dome and/or telescopes to your location!

To book:

To book us for when you’ll be in Jasper or to schedule a visit to your school, contact Jasper Planetarium manager Peter McMahon at:
(780) 931-DARK [3275] or email


Looking to fulfill specific educational requirements?

Our experiences can be tailored to any level of elementary or high school curriculum

jasper_planetarium_space_shuttleOur planetarium and/or telescope experiences typically touch on the following…
– sky motion and the apparent movement of the Sun, Moon, and stars
– celestial navigation
– constellations of the ancient Greeks and the First Nations of North America
– space weather and auroras
– large-scale natural features of the Earth (continents, oceans, poles, magnetic field, etc..)
– human impact on Earth (light pollution and its effects on the needs and natural rhythms of life on Earth)
– spacecraft (including satellites, space ships, and space stations) and orbits
jasper_planetarium_glacier_stargazing– composition and attributes of:
* planets
* our Solar System
* the Sun and other stars
* objects in deep space such as nebulas
* galaxies
* the universe

Upon request, we can also touch on…
– composition and attributes of:
* moons
jasper-planetarium_local_constellations * comets
* star clusters
* exotic objects such as black holes, quasars, hypergiants, cosmic strings and more
– telescope basics
– introduction to video astronomy
– basic-to-advanced cosmology
– basic theoretical physics
– composition and fundamentals of air, aerodynamics, flight, and aerospace
– human impact on Earth (air pollution, etc..)
– detailed Earth and Space Science topics
– biology and biological diversity as it relates to space travel and potential ecosystems beyond Earth
lake-annette-stargazing– the sky science of meteors/meteorites and other near-Earth phenomena
– contributions of Canada and other countries to space science and space exploration
– life as an astronaut / living on the International Space Station
– space tourism and other private/corporate space exploration initiatives
– careers in space science and space industry
– as well as many other science, math, engineering, history, and literacy-related topics


Want to talk further? Got a request that isn’t covered here?

We’ve got lots of experience delivering memorable, curriculum-driven content that encourages and inspires students.

Contact us directly anytime to discuss your unique needs:

Just call or email Jasper Planetarium manager Peter McMahon at:
(780) 931-DARK [3275] or email