Planetarium dome theatre

Join our LIVE astronomy experts inside for a fun, funny, inspirational, audience-participation tour exploring Jasper Dark Sky Preserve – the world’s largest accessible astronomy park…

Takes place every night in our world-exclusive 50-seat domed theatre experience (also available, tour outside with the largest telescope in the Rockies as an additional experience.)

WINTER at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, 1 Old Lodge Road
Dec 1 – April 21 (most nights) 1-780-931-3275
 at Marmot Lodge, 86 Connaught Dr
May 1 – Oct 27  (daily) 1-780-931-3275



  • Winter 2018/2019 times / location 8:00 pm (Dec 1 – April 21 most nights) at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge $29/adult, $15 youth (ages 4-18)jasper-planetarium_local_constellations
  • Spring times 8:45 pm (daily May 1 – June 14) at Marmot Lodge $29/adult, $9 youth (ages 4-15)
  • Summer times 7:45 pm & 8:45 pm (daily June 15 – Sept 16) at Marmot Lodge $29/adult, $9 youth (ages 4-18)
  • Fall times 7:45 pm (daily Sept 17 – Oct 27) at Marmot Lodge $29/adult, $9 youth (ages 4-15)

Inside the planetarium, your guide will share with you:

  • local aboriginal constellations
  • views of the Northern Lights from Jasper
  • a ‘trip into space’ orbiting above the Jasper Rockies…
  • and onward, to the edge of the universe…all in about 35-45 minutes (depending on how much audience-interaction there is)

Jasper Planetarium Dome outsideThere will be lots of opportunity for audience-participation so be sure to ask lots of questions and maybe even try a hands-on activity.


Adults /  $29

Youth (ages 4-15 [4-18 in winter])  /   $9 ($15 in winter)

*plus 5% GST tax



pay online, by phone at 1-780-931-3275 to reserve seats in advance, or book after-office hours right at the planetarium (cash, debit, VISA, and Mastercard accepted)

Get a preview of what you’ll see inside on the below CBC News segment in the planetarium: