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Sustainability Management Plan


An established and documented plan to protect elements of the environment, global cultures, and future global ecological health.

1. Introduction

The Jasper Planetarium is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and social responsibility while providing exceptional educational experiences through telescope tours and stargazing events. This Sustainability Management Plan outlines our strategies for minimizing our environmental footprint, fostering community engagement, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our operations.

2. Vision and Goals


To be a leader in sustainable Astor-tourism, astronomy education, and community engagement, fostering a deep appreciation for the cosmos while promoting environmental stewardship and cultural respect.


Environmental Stewardship

Eliminate paper use in our office with the use of digital media resources by 2026.

Teach visitors how we minimize waste and emissions during tours in opening Star Host statement.

Community Engagement and Inclusivity

Host a minimum of 5 free events annually exclusively for local Jasper residents by 2026, fostering community involvement and a sense of belonging.
Establish partnerships with at least 2 local Indigenous organizations or individuals by 2026 to ensure respectful representation of Indigenous knowledge and culture.

Donate to local charities and not-for-profits, and encourage staff to volunteer in the Jasper community, to give back to the town and larger community.

Economic Contribution and Local Support

Increase local sourcing of products and services to 40% by 2026, supporting local businesses and contributing to the economic vitality of Jasper.

Implement contra agreements with at least two local businesses by 2026, promoting economic collaboration and mutual support within the community.

Education and Cultural Preservation

Engage with local schools and community organizations to increase accessibility to astronomy education programs. Offering free visits for Jasper Schools.

Develop and incorporate at least 2 new Indigenous star lore stories into new planetarium shows by 2026, honoring the diverse cultural heritage of Canada.

Host cultural exchange events with local Indigenous communities at least once a year, fostering cross-cultural understanding and respect.

Employee Engagement and Sustainability Culture

Achieve 100% participation in staff carpooling or alternative transportation options, such as walking or biking Jasper trails and carpooling home by 2026. Reducing transportation-related emissions and promoting sustainable commuting practices.

Implement sustainability training modules for all staff members by 2026, empowering employees to contribute to environmental and social initiatives.

3. Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders: Visitors, employees, local Jasper residents, schools and environmental organizations.


Collaborate with local schools to develop educational programs that align with curriculum standards and community needs.

Participate in community events like Pride, Locals Week, and outreach activities to raise awareness about astronomy and environmental conservation.

4. Environmental Management

Wildfire Mitigation and Sustainable Practices

Limit the use of fires during wildfire seasons and use sustainably sourced wood when fires are necessary, demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship in the National Park.

Space Utilization and Habitat Preservation

Operate within repurposed space on the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge grounds, minimizing habitat disruption and conserving natural spaces within Jasper National Park.


Switch to Low voltage and efficient LED lighting in the planetarium and outdoor areas to reduce energy usage and light pollution.

Promote Jaspers’ new public transportation options, and taxi options for visitors to minimize carbon emissions associated with transportation to the facility.

Staff training to ensure proper disposal and recycling of waste generated during tours and events.

5. Social Responsibility


Provide discounted admission for youth groups to participate in educational programs and telescope tours.

Offer inclusive and accessible facilities and programs for visitors with disabilities.

Support local community initiatives and events through sponsorships and volunteer opportunities for staff members.

Community Engagement and Inclusivity

Offer unmatched discounts and free events exclusively to locals in Jasper, fostering a sense of belonging and community involvement.

Local Employment and Economic Contribution

Regularly employ residents, contributing to the local economy and supporting Jasperites within the community.

Establish contra agreements with other businesses, promoting economic collaboration and mutual support.

Support for Local Artists

Feature artworks by local artists in the gift shop, providing exposure and economic opportunities while ensuring fair compensation through low commission rates.

6. Economic Sustainability


Invest in renewable energy sources, such as solar-powered outdoor lighting around the property, to reduce long-term energy costs and demonstrate commitment to sustainability.

Explore revenue-generating opportunities, such as merchandise sales or training programs, to support ongoing sustainability initiatives.

Partner with local businesses and vendors that share our commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

7. Performance Measurement and Reporting

KPIs: follow up on goals set throughout the document.

Community outreach participation.


Publish an annual sustainability report summarizing progress towards goals, key achievements, and areas for improvement.

Provide regular updates on sustainability initiatives through the organization’s website, social media channels, and newsletters.

8. Striving towards goals, and the Future

Encourage staff members to contribute ideas and suggestions for improving sustainability practices through regular team meetings and individual discussions with leadership. Monitoring industry trends and best practices in sustainable astro-tourism and astronomy education to identify new opportunities for innovation and improvement. Review and update the sustainability management plan annually to reflect changing priorities and emerging sustainability challenges.

9. Conclusion

We at the Jasper Planetarium are dedicated to integrating sustainability into all aspects of our operations, from energy conservation to community engagement. By working together with our stakeholders and continuously striving for improvement, we aim to create a stellar future for our planet and inspire generations to come to care for it.