Telescope Experience ONLY

jasper_planetarium_telescope_experience_full_tourBOOK NOW    Join our LIVE astronomy experts for an evening exploring Jasper Dark Sky Preserve – the world’s largest accessible astronomy park – outside with the largest public telescope in the Rockies.

(**This tour does NOT include our planetarium experience, which can be purchased separately OR with our telescope experience for one low cost, if-desired**)

LOCATION at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge  1-780-931-3275
(don’t have a vehicle to get here? take the shuttle)

  • Winter times 9:15 pm (daily for the remainder of March 2020)
  • Spring times 9:45 pm (MON/WED/FRI/SAT in April 2020) 
  • Summer times coming soon

actual views through our telescopes

During our all-weather telescope experience, you’ll:

  • tour of the largest, most powerful public telescopes in the Rockies
  • see an ‘instant-replay’ of recent 4K imagery from our video telescope (just look on our monitors to view)
  • get tips on how to use your DSLR camera to photograph the Milky Way and auroras meteorites from our collection
  • try interactive activities, including the chance to view meteorites up-close!
  • if weather permits, you’ll also enjoy LIVE guided views through our telescopes
  • if skies aren’t clear during your tour, we also offer a complimentary 2-year ‘rain-check’ to come back again for any of our daily evening or afternoon (summer only) telescope sessions, at no additional charge 
meteorite samples from jasper planetarium collection

meteorites from our collection in Jasper

For the year-round evening version of this activity, weather-permitting views through the telescopes might include evening planets, stars, galaxies, nebulas (clouds of colourful gas) and maybe even a meteor or the Northern Lights!

During the Summer afternoon version of this activity (summer only) weather-permitting views through the telescopes might include giant 100-Earth-big flames on the Sun, details on the Moon, daytime views of bright planets such as Venus, and close-up glimpses of some of the most breathtaking summits of the surrounding mountains.

the Sun as seen through one of our filtered solar telescopes in Jasper

Possibilities such as these and more are part of a full evening (year-round) OR  afternoon (afternoon tour in summer only) of adventure when you book!

Adults /  $40
Youth (4-17) /  $20
*prices not including 5% GST tax


pay online to reserve in advance, OR book right at the planetarium retail desk or the Concierge – both located in the Main Lodge of Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (cash, debit, VISA, and Mastercard accepted)

** NOTE: The Telescope Experience is a learning opportunity with weather permitting views of the sky. While we do not need the sky to be completely clear to use our telescopes we CAN NOT guarantee clear skies. We DO NOT provide refunds if the skies are too cloudy, but will offer a “rain check” to re-book for another date in addition to proceeding with the other aspects of our telescope experience.

Please note also that evenings at or near the full moon will reduce visibility of faint deep space objects – this has nothing to do with the weather or darkness of our observing location

Our hotel-based location – with a minimum of light pollution on the edge of town – offers the ideal mix of convenience and great views of stars, planets, galaxies and more. This is an outdoor activity so dress warm!