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Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+
Youth Ages 4-17

The universe awaits!

photo: Tim Poaps, Jasper Planetarium

Come look through the largest, most powerful telescopes in the North American Rockies…

  • award-winning ‘weather-proof’ evening program
  • FREE 2-year rain-check (not clear? come on back at no-additional-charge!)
  • choose from evening stargazing OR early-evening solar-gazing and more!
a star in the night sky with Gallery Arcturus in the background

the Whirlpool Galaxy ‘eating’ a smaller galaxy, as seen LIVE through one of our telescopes

You’ll also have the opportunity for a variety of hands-on experiences and activities, to enhance your tour. Things like:

  • make an aurora, hold a meteorite! (NEW come touch our new Moon rock AND Mars rock!)
  • a look at the latest 4K ‘instant-replays’ of live views as seen through our telescopes in Jasper
  • a look at how to photograph the Northern Lights and Milky Way with your DSLR camera (if of-interest)
  • also, if the skies are clear enough, we will offer LIVE guided viewing through our telescopes***

Duration: approx 45-60 minutes

our meteorites

meteorite samples from our collection

*** For health and safety reasons, while we have added back the opportunity to look directly through the eyepiece of optical telescopes, many of our telescope experience is still ‘touchless’, using video-based telescopes as our primary observing tool (so guests never have to put their face up to a telescope eyepiece – instead, live telescope views will appear on 4K TV screens, which provide the brightest, most colourful views of space possible PLUS no waiting in line for telescope views – Many people can view at the same time!) We now also have a number of optical telescopes for viewing as well.
In cases where binoculars are available, we will disinfect them after each use by an individual travel party.
For hands-on activities, disposable plastic gloves are provided.

This can be an outdoor event so please dress warmly!

Please note: This tour does not include the Planetarium dome

a group of people riding skis on a snowy nightNOTE:

  • The Telescope Experience is a learning opportunity with weather permitting views of the sky. While we do not need the sky to be completely clear to use our telescopes, we CAN NOT guarantee clear skies. We DO NOT provide refunds if the skies are too cloudy, but this tour includes a “rain check” to re-book for another date. (Just contact us and remind us of the name you booked under and the date you originally booked for and you’re good to go!)
  • We are not able to accommodate unaccompanied minors.


Most weeks in spring & summer, we also offer an EARLY-EVENING Solar Telescope Experience looking at LIVE safely filteredsolar_view_jasper_planetarium views of the surface of the Sun, and other daytime sights (such as the Moon or Venus, if they’re out).

As with our main evening Telescope Experience, our early evening telescope tour features all the non-weather-dependent parts noted above AND our 2-year rain-check, good to use if your tour is cloudy, on any day we have availability, including later in the evening on the day of your original booking or any other day within two years!

(To book the daytime telescope experience, just click on the ‘BOOK NOW’ button on this page. If the early evening tour is offered on the date you are looking at, you will be able to book it there OR call us at (780) 931-3275 for availability)

Our cancellation policy is 24 hours – the best in the Rockies!