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Staying here

While there are lots of places to stay in Jasper, our year-round location and some additional locations are located on hotel properties you can stay at, so you’re steps away from your tour with us!


Jasper Planetarium guests going inside dome theatreFairmont Jasper Park Lodge

If you are interested in attending the planetarium dome theatre, year-round telescope experience or planetarium and telescope combo tour, why not book a room at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, where you’ll be only steps away from us!

(You can also book your planetarium tour here OR on the Fairmont web site when you book your hotel room):



Pyramid Lake Resort

Fall, Winter, and early-Spring, if you are interested in attending our Telescope Experience on Pyramid Lake (at Pyramid Lake Resort) OR our popular Stargazer’s Lakeside Dinner at Pyramid Lake Resort, you can stay a few dozen metres from all aspects of either of these tours by booking accommodation at Pyramid Lake Resort, where both these tours occur: