Telescope/planetarium COMBO

The ultimate Jasper Dark Sky experience:

Join our LIVE astronomy experts for a full evening exploring Jasper Dark Sky Preserve – the world’s largest accessible astronomy park – NIGHTLY starting inside during our world-exclusive domed theatre experience THEN outside with the largest telescope in the Rockies.

SPRING/SUMMER/FALL at Marmot Lodge, 86 Connaught Dr
May 1 – Oct 21   1-780-931-3275
WINTER at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
Dec 15 – April 21   (click here for winter details)


Planetarium/Telescope COMBO

(DAILY:  May 1 –  Oct 21 at Marmot Lodge)

  • Summer times 10:00 pm (daily June 15 – Sept 15) at Marmot Lodge $55/adult, $20 youth (ages 4-15)
  • Fall times 9:00 pm (daily Sept 16 – Oct 21) at Marmot Lodge $55/adult, $20 youth (ages 4-15)
  • Winter times 9:00 pm (most days Dec 7 – April 30) at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge $65/adult, $20 youth (ages 4-15) includes ‘winter-exclusive’ extras such as s’mores & hot chocolate

First, join our astronomy experts in our 50-seat dome theatre for a LIVE virtual tour the world’s largest accessible dark sky preserve.

Inside the planetarium, your guide will share local aboriginal constellations, views of the Northern Lights from Jasper, and take you into space orbiting above the Rockies and on to the edge of the universe…all in about 35-45 minutes.

Then, come outside the dome for an all-weather telescope experience where you’ll:

  • actual views from our video scope

    tour of the largest, most powerful telescopes in the Rockies

  • see recent 4K Jasper sky imagery from our new video telescope
  • get tips on how to use your DSLR camera to photograph the Milky Way and auroras
  • if weather permits, you’ll also enjoy a LIVE guided tour of objects in our Solar System and deep space as seen through our telescopes

* we may also have the chance to see a meteor or even the Northern Lights

Pricing (not including 5% GST tax)
Adults /  $55
Youth-under-16 /   $20



pay online, by phone at 1-780-931-3275 to reserve seats in advance, or book after-office hours right at the planetarium (cash, debit, VISA, and Mastercard accepted)

Jasper Planetarium Dome outside** NOTE: The Telescope Experience is a learning opportunity with weather permitting views of the sky. While we do not need the sky to be completely clear to use our telescopes we CAN NOT guarantee clear skies. We DO NOT provide refunds if the skies are too cloudy, but will offer a “rain check” to re-book for another date in addition to proceeding with the other aspects of our telescope experience.

Please note also that evenings at or near the full moon will reduce visibility of faint deep space objects – this has nothing to do with the weather or darkness of our observing location

Our location next to the Marmot Lodge parking lot – with a minimum of light pollution on the edge of town – offers the ideal mix of convenience and great views of stars, planets, galaxies and more. This is an outdoor activity so dress warm!