Each day, our staff of astronomy guides carefully plan evening stargazing sessions around the weather of the Rocky Mountains…Then we improvise…

Seriously, though, while weather in the Rockies can be unpredictable, we regularly consult the specialized astronomy and space-weather/aurora forecasts below, which you can also use to see what the skies might be like on a night where you’re interested in coming out to the planetarium:

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In the astronomy forecast above, the darker the blue “Cloud Cover” bars in the military-time hours above, the better the chance we’ll have of good seeing conditions that night.

The readings below display the current chances of seeing an aurora, the position of the aurora over the Northern Hemisphere, solar activity, moonrise/sunrise and set times, what’s in the sky right now, where the planets are, when we’ll see the International Space Station in the sky, and what to look for on the Sun* & Moon

(NEVER look directly into the Sun)