Dark Sky Forecast

“Don’t like the weather in the Jasper Rockies? Wait 5 minutes and some more will be along.” Such is the refrain of many a seasoned local.

Northern Lights outside The Jasper Planetarium, as photographed by Jasper Planetarium visitor Diego Fernandez de Cordova

While mountain weather is hard to predict, don’t let that stop you from enjoying an evening in our 11,000 sq km dark sky preserve.

Our climate-controlled (indoor) dome theatre lets you (virtually) explore all the skies of Jasper have to offer AND our telescope experience outside features many elements not affected by the weather.

For those who would like to see what the skies are doing, here below are the same resources our expert staff use everyday to understand what sort of weather might be in-store tonight:

Current location of the Northern Lights over North America

Scroll/drag this updated image to see if the aurora is over or near Jasper.

For more detailed future predictions for the next few days, go to the homepage of this resource spaceweather.com

Clear Sky Chart for Jasper Town Site

Below is the hour-by-hour astronomy forecast for tonight – The darker-blue the blocks in the top three rows are, the clearer the sky might be. The lighter they are, the greater the chance of cloud. This forecast is extremely detailed but not updated as much as some other hour-by-hour weather forecasts.

Weather Network Canada hourly forecast for Jasper

Most accurate we find – Anytime there’s a 20% chance of precipitation or lower for the hour you want to see the sky, it’s likely to be mostly clear. 30%, probably OK with some cloud (or not.) More than that and you’ll have to just wait & see.

Environment Canada hourly forecast for Jasper

A little on the “nervous-nelly” side of things when it comes to its predictions vs what actually ends up happening. Having said that, when the Weather Network forecast is wrong, this one can be right.


International Space Station visible in the sky above Jasper

Pictured here is the current position of the ISS over Earth.

Click on the image to see information for when it will be flying over Jasper