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Jasper Planetarium guests telescopes Athabasca Glacier Columbia Icefield stargazing

a group of people in a dark skyDid you know that in 2011, Jasper National Park became the world’s largest dark sky preserve? Jasper is a world leader among these 40+ ‘astronomy parks’ where local bylaws defend the night against urban light pollution…

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada officially designated Jasper National Park as a Dark Sky Preserve in April of 2011.

At 11,228km2, Jasper is the largest Dark Sky Preserve in the world, and the only preserve in Canada with a town wholly within the preserve.

Most of Jasper National Park has excellent dark skies; the southern part of the park boasts truly dark skies.

Observing in Jasper Dark Sky Preserve

a close up of text on a white backgroundThis is one of the only areas in southwestern Canada with exceptional darkness, yet is accessible by year-round road and offers multiple accommodation facilities.

Souce: Rogier Gruys, Parks Canada, Canadian Geographic

The Jasper Planetarium is the only regular astronomy attraction in Jasper Dark Sky Preserve

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