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Adult (WC-10:15PM Shuttle) Ages 18+
Adult (WC-11:15PM Shuttle) Ages 18+
Adult (WC-11PM Shuttle) Ages 18+
Youth (WC-10:15PM Shuttle) Ages 6-17
Youth (WC-11:15PM Shuttle) Ages 6-17
Youth (WC-11PM Shuttle) Ages 6-17

jasper planetarium telescope experienceExplore the world’s largest astronomy park!

Our darkest tour! (As with all our photos, imagery on this page shows actual sky images from the observing site associated with this tour).


“Ever since proposing Jasper become a dark sky preserve in 2010, I’ve dreamed of offering the ultimate stargazing experience here. Our NEW Whistlers Campground tour represents the purest form of night sky enjoyment: A truly dark, unobstructed, horizon-to-horizon view of the heavens.”
– Peter McMahon,
award-winning science and space journalist / general manager, The Jasper Planetarium


For those who want the ultimate dark sky location still within reach of the Town of Jasper…

Andromeda Galaxy, as see through one of our telescopes

Andromeda Galaxy, as seen through one of our telescopes

Let us transport you by shuttle van from the Jasper Town site to our Whistlers Campground location for:

  • An interactive guided tour of our telescopes
  • A 4K ‘instant-replay’ of the latest screen-captures from recent live views through our telescopes in Jasper
  • A look at how to photograph the Northern Lights and Milky Way with your DSLR camera (upon-request)
  • our meteorites Jasper Planetarium

    meteorite samples from our collection

    Hands-on experiences: make an aurora, hold a meteorite!

  • Also, if the skies are clear enough, we will offer LIVE guided views through our optical and video-based telescopes next to the planetarium.

As this is an outdoor event, please dress for evening Rocky Mountain weather (i.e. warmly!)

Please note: This does not include the Planetarium program.


  • The Telescope Experience is a learning opportunity with many non-weather-dependent aspects AND weather permitting views of the sky.
    While we do not need the sky to be completely clear to use our telescopes we CAN NOT guarantee clear skies.
  • the view from our Whistlers Campground location on a clear night

    We DO NOT provide refunds if the skies are too cloudy BUT this tour includes a 2-year “rain check” to re-book for another date.
    (No action is required to activate this rain-check. It is automatically included in your tour)

Please note: Raincheck location may vary based on when you redeem it (ie. main location at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is open year-round while other locations such as Whistlers Campground are seasonal).

You MUST book this version of our Whistlers experience (with shuttle) if you are staying at a location other than Whistlers Campground and board our shuttle to and from this location.


Those NOT staying at Whistlers Campground MUST book this version of our Whistlers Campground experience, the Telescope Experience (Whistlers Campground) with Shuttle due to Parks Canada policy on dark sky use of this area requiring those not registered at the Whistlers Campground to travel to this tour location via our shuttle (vehicles NOT registered at the campground WILL BE TURNED AWAY at entry)